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Love the Sun, the beach and the sea? If so, and you own a smartphone Android, this weekend we’ll own the game, Paradise Island. Developed by Russian Game Insight software house, Paradise Island is a strategic game set on an island which, as owners, we try to do a real ‘ paradise ‘, building more interesting attractions in order to attract the largest possible number of tourists and accomplish a veritable Empire of fun! Whether it’s sunny beaches, casinos or places where fun, restaurants or nightclubs, each place is strategic to enhance our reputation and our success.
For anyone who has a bit of practice with this type of game, it is clearly more than a title inspired by We rule, currently only available on the iPhone. Among the objectives to be completed in Paradise Island, the construction of buildings of every type on the island, as well as the improvement them or the repairthem, if necessary. Not only that, in order to build, you must to buy more property, are these land or plots. Seems simple, and in fact it is, but compete with other players, compelling gameplay and variety of buildings, decorations and plants with which you can edit their own land, will help to make Paradise Island almost an obsession.
Give it a look on the Market. You will enjoy it, if you love the strategic.

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