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  • middle finger myspace symbol? Internet ... Do3s anyon3 know wh3r3 ii can g3t a miiddl3 fiing3r myspac3 symbol??
  • In Western culture, the finger (as in giving someone the finger), also known as the middle finger, the highway salute, the Bronx salute, the one-finger salute, the bird (as ...
  • Hand with stretched middle finger picture by ImageShop by Corbis. 42-15349237 Fotosearch ... Hand Symbols by ImageShop by Corbis 50 Images (Royalty Free) View All Images on Disc
  • Many people ask how to do the Myspace heart symbol ... · – middle dot ¸ – spacing cedilla ¼ – fraction 1/4 ... ☜ – left-pointing index finger ☝ – upwards pointing index ...
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    Best Answer: That's called ASCII art. I googled peace sign ascii art and got this: http://www.chris.com/ASCII/art/html/peac… Google the second one >.>
  • ... immigrant mish-mash of early 20th century America, the finger was the one symbol ... Aristophanes (the Adam Sandler of his day) made a crude joke mixing up the middle finger ...
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    Best Answer: hahaha. Here it is if this is what you mean. Just copy and paste if you want to use. Plz no thumb downs Im just answering the question!! =D
  • Knowing is half the battle. hand whenever you type those upper symbols and characters on the keys. . . . . keyboard (in SMS for example), click on the small arrow next to ...
  • Hey everybody, can anyone point me to a thread with that hand giving the middle finger, composed of various keyboard characters like / and _ etc...
  • 7/17/2003 · Apparently, the middle finger has long been considered a phallic symbol in many cultures, possibly because it is the longest of the digits. Displaying it to ...

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